A Surprise Discussion with N3o and Frank

On February 17th, the Wilder World community experienced an unexpected and enlightening AMA session with co-founders Frank and N3o. Hosted in the Wilder World Discord Voice Channel, this nearly four-hour-long discussion ventured into a wide array of topics, including community interactions, technical advancements, project vision, marketing strategies, and key partnerships.

The impromptu conversation emerged from a clash in the Discord chat, where a community member voiced persistent concerns, questioning the project’s integrity and direction. What began as a moment of contention evolved into an opportunistic exchange, offering the community an intimate look into the founders’ perspectives and dedication. Frank and N3o addressed the concerns head-on, turning the session into a pivotal moment for Wilder World. They reassured members that not only is the project thriving across all fronts, but also that Operation Domino is poised to catapult Wilder World and Zero Tech into a new layer of achievement.

Frank and N3o Test MIW | Leaks Channel | Wilder World Discord

This conversation encapsulates the visionary ideas of Wilder World’s founders, reflecting their ambitious plans for the project. It’s important to note that these concepts are not final; as Wilder World continues to evolve, aspects of this vision may adapt or transform. Therefore, none of the details discussed should be considered set in stone, but rather as a glimpse into the potential future of the metaverse.

The dialogue commenced with n3o articulating his concerns regarding the mindset and expectations of certain community members, particularly those who contribute with a persistently negative demeanor. He emphasized that the core mission of the team extends beyond merely inflating token prices or disproportionately allocating resources to marketing at the expense of product development. Furthermore, n3o candidly acknowledged past missteps, including premature announcements and the necessity of strategic pivots in response to unforeseen challenges. He firmly reassured the community of the team’s commitment to fulfilling the promises made.

In defense of the team’s strategy, n3o highlighted their deliberate choice to focus intensely on product development during the bear market. By prioritizing the project’s foundational aspects, they aimed to secure its position as a leading force in the industry—a goal deemed far more valuable than engaging in short-term market manipulation or superficial hype. This focus on sustainability and long-term vision underscored their commitment to the project’s enduring success.

N3o expressed a clear stance on brand collaborations, emphasizing his interest only in partnerships that significantly enhance the project’s technology or distribution capabilities. He articulated a vision for Wilder World and Zero that pivots away from rehashing familiar narratives, aiming instead to forge a story that mirrors the unique challenges and opportunities of our era. This approach isn’t indicative of a lack of interest in strategic alliances. On the contrary, n3o revealed plans to unveil four imminent partnerships, with four additional collaborations currently in development.

Central to the ethos of both Wilder World and Zero is the principle of decentralization and sovereignty, steering clear of the pitfalls of web2’s corporate-dominated landscapes. N3o and Frank are committed to foregoing traditional advertising routes that could compromise their vision. They aspire to lay the foundation for a “new model of society” — a system that thrives independently of corporate influence, reflecting a deep-seated desire to innovate without sacrificing their core values to commercial interests. They’re even considering changing the name of the experience altogether from metaverse to simulation as the former has been so diluted in the public arena.

Shifting Communications and Establishing Identity

Recognizing the need to fortify the lines of communication within the Wilder World and Zero Tech ecosystem, n3o highlighted a comprehensive strategy to synergize the Community Studio Team with the Game Studio Team. To address this pivotal area, he proposed the introduction of monthly Zines — official publications from the team. These Zines, anticipated to increase to three editions per month, will cover Wilder World, Zero, and Meowchain, integrating partnership announcements and other significant updates.

To further bridge the communication divide, a new policy will catalog every community inquiry, ensuring they are comprehensively addressed in the subsequent edition of the relevant Zine. This initiative empowers the Community Team, including moderators, to directly respond to community questions, fostering a more transparent and responsive dialogue.

A pivotal goal articulated by n3o revolves around the establishment of a comprehensive training program designed to elevate the moderators’ expertise, particularly in areas demanding technical information about the metaverse and blockchain technology. He highlighted the necessity for moderators to not only respond to inquiries with precision but to also embody a level of customer service excellence that reflects the project’s values of professionalism and care. New members who join the project should be answered hastily and be provided the relevant resources.

Understanding and conveying the value of asset acquisition within Wilder World is another critical skill set that n3o wants to develop among the moderators.  This knowledge is essential for instilling confidence in prospective buyers and community members interested in engaging with the project’s offerings. The creation and refinement of these training processes are viewed as essential steps in advancing the project, ensuring that every community interaction contributes positively to the project’s reputation and growth.

Additionally, n3o outlined plans to escalate the frequency of AMAs and Spaces, reinstating a more consistent and interactive engagement with the community. He also announced the revival of the project roadmap, emphasizing its role in keeping the community informed of upcoming developments and objectives. While the roadmap will avoid specific dates to maintain flexibility, it signifies a commitment to transparency and community alignment on the project’s trajectory.

For those who have been part of the Wilder Community for some time, it’s clear that feedback is not only welcomed but has significantly influenced the project’s direction—evidenced by actions such as the substantial reduction of the Wheels Collection after a vote to burn them passed in the community. Frank addressed this dynamic, highlighting the challenges of maintaining a reactive stance. He stated, “…it’s understanding that being in that reactive space as the team doesn’t allow us to actually step in confidence and step in strength.”

He underscored the importance of finding a middle ground where open communication with the community and strategic deployment of operations harmonize to elevate the project. The team’s dedication to orchestrating numerous components has sometimes led them to yield to external pressures that diverge from their core vision. Frank reaffirmed their commitment to steering the project based on a firm belief in their strategy, confident that it will lead to the most favorable outcomes.

Addressing the crucial role of creators within the community, n3o acknowledged the need for increased support for members dedicating their efforts to bolster the project. He pinpointed logistics as the primary challenge in providing adequate backing, whether in the form of $WILD or $MEOW tokens, to highly contributing individuals. With the DAO’s allocation on the Zero side increased to 60% and a substantial reserve of $WILD earmarked for community initiatives, there’s a clear pathway for enhancing support.

N3o advocated for self-organization within the community to streamline this process, suggesting the potential establishment of a sub-DAO or a grants program as viable solutions. Such structures would facilitate the scaling of creative ideas, albeit logistics remain a hurdle to overcome. He emphasized the urgency of implementing a system that allows for consistent voting and efficient allocation of funds to deserving initiatives, thereby enriching the community and the projects at large.

However, n3o stressed the importance of a merit-based approach to distributing funds, ensuring that only capable and committed community members are supported. He envisioned the formation of a dedicated group, distinct from the Allies, committed to elevating the project through meaningful dialogue and actions—a testament to the project’s ethos of collaboration and innovation.

“Great Artists use the Tools of their Time to Tell the Stories of their Time While Honoring the Greats” – Frank Wilder 

Frank and n3o ventured further into their vision for Wilder World and Zero, articulating a desire for the projects to foster an organic identity and narrative reflective of our current era. While acknowledging the appeal of narratives like Ready Player One in popular culture, they set apart their ambition to craft a world that mirrors the complexities and nuances of contemporary life. This approach underscores a departure from traditional storytelling, where narratives are often experienced passively through the adventures of a predefined hero.

Instead, they envision a dynamic and evolving story where the community, dubbed the Wilders, are not mere spectators but active participants in shaping this emerging space. This immersive narrative framework aims to empower individuals to be part of the unfolding story, blurring the lines between creator and audience. The ethos behind this vision is to create a metaverse (or simulation) that resonates deeply with the zeitgeist, inviting members to both witness and shape the narrative in real-time.

Operation Domino

The horizon for Wilder World is brimming with groundbreaking developments poised to redefine the metaverse experience. In the coming weeks and months, the community can anticipate the debut of several pivotal features: the adrenaline-pumping racing experience “Midnight in Wiami,” the innovative Avatar Creator, and “Metropolis” — a dynamic exploration of the $WILD economy. Additionally, the curtain will rise on major strategic partnerships and the introduction of industry-leading talent, particularly in racing and the Wheels Collection, heralding unmatched expertise to the project.

N3o shared the team’s strategic approach to these launches, emphasizing a carefully orchestrated plan designed to propel Wilder World beyond the ordinary, creating a cascading effect of breakthroughs akin to dominoes toppling. The team’s engagement with top influencers and leading companies, coupled with rigorous research into the competitive landscape, underscores a deliberate preparation phase — amassing “ammunition” for a significant push that aligns with market uptrends.

A cornerstone of this strategic push is the unveiling of a new roadmap, drawing inspiration from the Ethereum roadmap in its structure. This roadmap aims to provide the community with clear milestones, offering insight into the team’s forward trajectory. Complementing these technical advancements are marketing and branding initiatives, including a refreshed website and brand strategy focused on sales and engagement, primed for an anticipated surge in interest. An upcoming trailer and partnerships with premier entities in Web3 and beyond promise to cement Wilder World’s position at the forefront of digital innovation.

The Meow Ecosystem and Rewards System

Zero UI

Zero Tech’s maturity is spearheaded by n3o’s vision for a comprehensive rewards system. This system is designed to recognize and value various forms of participation, from active involvement and product usage to engagement and asset holdings, ensuring that every contribution to the ecosystem is acknowledged.

Central to this evolution is the emergence of MEOW as the overarching brand — an acronym for Minds Entering Other Worlds. MEOW represents a groundbreaking metaverse operating system (OS), beginning with Meowchain, and extending to the Zero infrastructure. With AVA at the helm for AI and procedural generation, along with a suite of both announced and yet-to-be-revealed projects, MEOW is set to become a cornerstone of digital innovation. These ventures range from joint ventures to internal projects, all under the MEOW umbrella.

A significant portion of the ecosystem’s token supply — 60% for MEOW and a considerable allocation for WILD — is dedicated to rewards pools, intertwining with Zero Basic Income (ZBI). ZBI introduces a novel approach to rewards, offering daily distributions to function similarly to regular income, supplemented by periodic airdrops. This strategy not only incentivizes participation but also promises to revolutionize the concept of income within the digital realm.

The rollout of these innovations is underpinned by strategic partnerships and advancements in blockchain technology. A pivotal development is a partnership with one of the leading blockchain platforms, renowned for its cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof technology. This collaboration marks the inception of meowchain, a dedicated chain designed to underpin the MEOW ecosystem, further solidifying MEOW’s foundation.

In addition to these technological strides, n3o announced a landmark partnership aimed at bolstering the project’s AI capabilities. This collaboration involves a significant investment in which $1,000,000 of training compute has been secured, emphasizing the development of open-source, decentralized AI solutions. By focusing on synthetic data pipelines and open-source frameworks, the team is poised to enhance AVA’s learning capabilities, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of AI development within the metaverse.

Complementing ZBI, the Passport system acts as a “force multiplier,” enhancing rewards based on specific actions taken by users within the ecosystem. Whether it’s through collecting NFTs, participating in DAOs, or engaging in various platform activities, Passport identifies and amplifies the value of each contribution. This mechanism not only recognizes but also rewards the multifaceted ways users add value to the community.

Looking ahead, n3o outlined the phased introduction of these components, with the Passport set to launch as a means to further integrate users into the ecosystem’s fabric. Moreover, the anticipation of the first “MEOW drop” later this year signals a significant milestone for the project. With an impressive $400 million allocated for rewards and ecosystem development, the potential impact on user engagement and project growth is substantial.

As these initiatives unfold, n3o emphasized the strategic deployment of a testnet to ensure the seamless integration of ZBI, Passport, and upcoming MEOW drops. This preparatory phase is crucial for laying the groundwork for a robust infrastructure capable of supporting the ambitious goals of Wilder World and Zero Tech.

Integrating Ava: Blending AI with Human Touch in Wilder World

In a move that further bridges the gap between technology and human interaction within the Wilder World ecosystem, n3o shared an innovative approach to enriching community support through the integration of AI. The project’s AI, known as Ava, is being designed not just as a tool but as an integral part of the user’s journey, seamlessly weaving into the fabric of the metaverse’s lore. This initiative is set to revolutionize the way newcomers are introduced to the Wilder experience.

The strategic development of an index of questions serves a dual purpose. Primarily, it acts as a foundation for training Ava, ensuring the AI can provide accurate, lore-consistent responses to users. This meticulous approach to AI integration promises to create an immersive introductory experience for community members, where they are greeted and guided by an entity that embodies the essence of Wilder World.

Moreover, moderators play a crucial role in complementing Ava’s digital assistance. Their involvement is designed to add a personal touch, ensuring that the community feels supported by a balance of sophisticated AI and the irreplaceable human element. This synergy between Ava and the moderators is envisioned to foster a welcoming and engaging environment, where technology enhances human interaction rather than replacing it.

N3o envisions this combination of AI and human moderation as a powerful tool in making the Wilder World experience uniquely captivating. By training Ava to deeply resonate with the project’s lore, users are expected to feel as though they are conversing with a knowledgeable guide, making their immersion into the Wilder World both seamless and enchanting.

Wiami Unveiled: Expectations and Innovations

Wiami’s Districts | Dev Log 0

Wilder World is set to redefine the virtual racing experience with the upcoming launch of “Midnight in Wiami.” Described by a seasoned 20-year veteran of the racing industry as boasting one of the most sophisticated multiplayer architectures ever encountered, this racing module promises unparalleled engagement. With players from around the globe already testing the waters, the integration of in-game mechanics such as garages, fuel purchases, and repair services promises to turn each race into an exhilarating arcade experience.

Beyond the racetrack, Wilder World is at the forefront of Avatar innovation and fashion in the Web3 space. The immanent Genesis Avatar drop showcases what n3o believes to be the most advanced metahuman system in gaming. This system not only allows for deep customization but also integrates seamlessly with Wilder World’s fashion and cyberware sectors, empowering user-generated content that’s as diverse as it is dynamic. This holistic approach to digital identity and style sets a new standard for personal expression within the metaverse.

As these exciting developments unfold, they are all underpinned by Metropolis, Wilder World’s intricate economy system. Currently in its testing phase, Metropolis is designed to facilitate a vibrant economic exchange within “Midnight in Wiami” and beyond, allowing players to invest and earn through various in-game activities. This economic model, alongside the innovative approaches to racing, avatar customization, and fashion, positions Wilder World as a leader in metaverse development.

Metropolis Unfolded: Crafting the Economy of Wilder World’s Future

At the core of Wilder World’s ambition lies Metropolis, a meticulously designed virtual economy that mirrors the complexity and interconnectivity of real-world economic systems. With the white paper in the works, Metropolis is set to become a cornerstone of Wilder World, underpinned by the innovative General Autonomous Tensor Environment (GATE). This virtual economy framework is not just a theoretical construct but a fully operational system that breathes life into the metaverse.

From the extraction of iron ore to the production of steel and beyond, every resource in Metropolis carries an intrinsic value, creating a supply chain that mimics the real world’s intricacies. This economy is not merely a simulation; it’s a dynamic, fully functioning ecosystem where resources are mined, refined, and utilized to construct everything from vehicles to buildings, enriching the Wilder World experience.

What sets Metropolis apart is its participatory approach to urban development. Residents of Wilder World can acquire land, design buildings, and contribute to the city’s growth, transforming the urban landscape collaboratively. This revolutionary concept allows for an unprecedented level of engagement, where every structure and parcel of land bears the mark of its creator, whether through individual projects or collective endeavors via DAOs.

Metropolis introduces a novel trading system, enabling the exchange of resources like gold, iron ore, and uranium directly on the blockchain, akin to trading the $WILD token. This system not only enhances liquidity within the ecosystem but also imbues real value into the virtual economy, ensuring scarcity and utility for NFTs and other digital assets. A deflationary mechanism further aligns the economy with real-world demand, promising a sustainable and valuable future for all participants.

Years of development have culminated in a sophisticated blend of procedural systems, NFT functionality, and AI-driven governance, laying the groundwork for an economy that’s both autonomous and deeply integrated with the community’s activities.

The Metaverse Trilemma

As Wilder World evolves, the team confront an array of technological challenges inherent to building a vast, interactive metaverse. Frank initiates the discussion by emphasizing the costs associated with performance, storage, and the diverse demands of constructing a world that is both expansive and intricate. The journey to actualizing Wilder World involves navigating these constraints within an open-market economy, striving to maintain the spirit of an unrestricted, decentralized environment.

N3o interjects, highlighting the monumental task of unifying distinct experiences across various platforms into a cohesive whole. The essence of game development, he notes, lies in optimizing performance within a “hyper-constrained environment,” where computational costs dictate the feasibility of ambitious objectives. Wilder World has undergone a foundational rebuild, transitioning from theoretical models to practical application, setting it apart from many contemporaries still grappling with conceptual frameworks.

Drawing parallels to the blockchain trilemma, n3o introduces the “metaverse trilemma” — the intricate balance between photorealism, high-performance frame rates, and the massive scale envisioned for the metaverse. Achieving harmony among these elements is described as “almost mathematically impossible,” presenting a significant hurdle to realizing a metaverse that aligns with the community’s expectations of high fidelity and extensive scalability.

This trilemma also underscores the challenges of interoperability within the metaverse. The quest for a seamless, interconnected digital universe often leads to compromises that can dilute the user experience to the “lowest common denominator.” N3o’s insights reveal the complexity of integrating diverse technologies without sacrificing the quality or breadth of the virtual world.

The journey of building Wilder World is marked by continuous iteration, with procedural tooling playing a crucial role in its development. Each rebuild, driven by the need to accommodate new features or optimize performance, contributes to a deeper understanding of the metaverse’s architectural demands. This iterative process is akin to solving a “5D puzzle,” where adding a single element can necessitate a comprehensive reevaluation of the entire structure.

The creation of Wilder World emerges as a testament to the technical ambition and visionary commitment of its developers. Navigating the metaverse trilemma requires not only a profound technical understanding of computational constraints but also an innovative approach to system design and server infrastructure. As Wilder World continues to evolve, it stands as a pioneering endeavor in the quest to build a metaverse that is as boundless in its ambition as it is grounded in technological feasibility.

The Dynamic Interplay of Lore, Characters and Game Modes

Ernesto Savage in MIW | Leaks Channel | Wilder World Discord

The lore of Wilder World unfurls within Wiami, envisioned as a sanctuary for the dreamers, believers, and innovators seeking refuge from a shadowy government called The Forum that has stifled free thought in “our base reality”. At the core of Wilder World’s lore is a profound narrative about the struggle against authoritarian control, epitomized by the centralization of AI in the real world.

N3o introduces the concept of decentralized AI, embodied by AVA, as the linchpin of the Wilders’ resistance. Protected within the virtual realm by the Gate—a sophisticated simulation technology likened to the orb over Wakanda—AVA represents hope for a future where technology serves the many rather than the few. This narrative thread weaves through Wilder World, inviting players to join the fight to safeguard the Kernel or decentralized AI.

Intricately woven into Wiami’s fabric are various player archetypes—drivers, hackers, miners, defenders—each playing a pivotal role in the city’s defense and growth. N3o delved into the complexities of the game modes that bring these characters to life, from racing through the streets in Midnight in Wiami to mining resources and engaging in combat to protect the city from breaches orchestrated by the Forum.

Breaches, as described by Frank, are live events threatening Wiami’s sovereignty, where agents attempt to infiltrate and take control. This introduces a dynamic layer to gameplay, requiring players to collaboratively thwart these invasions, whether by sealing breaches, defending the city’s inhabitants, or swiftly navigating to the conflict zones.

Frank highlights the fluidity of character development, where engaging in diverse missions allows for an organic evolution of skills and interests. This dynamic system encourages exploration beyond your starting point, ensuring that your journey through Wiami is as multifaceted as the city itself.

The initial foray into this unified gameplay experience begins with racing, serving not only as a practice ground but also as a crucial element in responding to breaches. This live, interactive aspect of Wilder World—where a breach can occur at any moment—demands agility and cooperation among players, embodying the spontaneous and interconnected nature of the metaverse.

Through this rich tapestry of lore, game modes, and character archetypes, Wilder World crafts an original narrative reflective of our current era, leveraging the metaverse as its medium. Beyond the thrill of racing and the strategy of combat, the essence of Wilder World lies in defending the ideals of freedom, creativity, and community against the encroaching forces of control and conformity.

Inventory Management and Interconnected HUD

Midnight in Wiami: First-Person Gameplay | Leaks Channel | Wilder World Discord

In Wilder World, the concept of inventory transcends traditional boundaries, marrying the digital with the tangible. According to n3o, every item a player accumulates—be it fashion, vehicles, or building materials—exists not just in the game but as NFTs securely stored within their blockchain wallet. This integration ensures that players have full ownership and control over their assets, with a user-friendly interface designed for easy browsing and management of their in-game treasures.

The game introduces a novel inventory mechanic that emphasizes realism. Should a player acquire an item, its retrieval may require a physical journey within the virtual world, unless it’s already accompanying the player. This principle extends to the game’s vehicles, where the capacity of a car’s trunk dictates the amount of gear one can carry, adding layers of strategy and realism to the exploration of Wiami.

Wilder World’s HUD emerges as a central hub for player interaction, seamlessly integrating communication tools directly into the game environment. Players can chat, connecting with Discord and Telegram, without ever leaving the virtual world. This integration extends to social media, ensuring that the lines between gaming, social interaction, and real-world connectivity blur, enhancing the metaverse experience.

The ambition is clear: to make Wilder World not just a game but a comprehensive platform where social tools and in-game functionality are indistinguishable. Whether engaging with the community, managing assets, or navigating the streets of Wiami, players will have unparalleled access to a suite of tools designed to enrich their virtual lives.

Wiami: A City Sculpted by Its Inhabitants

Asset Optimization | Leaks Channel | Wilder World Discord

In Wilder World, the concept of urban development is reimagined, inviting players to contribute directly to the growth and transformation of Wiami. This dynamic cityscape draws inspiration from the real-time strategy and simulation genres, echoing the complexity of games like SimCity and Age of Empires but with a revolutionary twist. Rather than constructing a city within hours, Wilder World slows down the pace, infusing the building process with a sense of realism tied to a living, breathing economy.

Their vision extends beyond static virtual environments, aspiring to create a metropolis that mirrors the organic, ever-changing nature of real cities. Buildings rise and fall, neighborhoods evolve, and the urban landscape shifts, all driven by the collective actions of the community. This approach to city-building emphasizes collaboration, with players forming DAOs and contributing to the city’s development in real time, making Wiami a true reflection of its inhabitants’ creativity and labor.

As players navigate Wiami, they will encounter construction zones and scaffolding, markers of progress and potential scattered throughout the city. These elements are not merely aesthetic; they are integral to the gameplay, representing stages of development that are directly connected to the blockchain. This level of detail ensures that the city’s evolution is not only visible but also tangible, with each structure telling a story of community effort and economic dynamics.

While areas like Little Meow serve as fully realized starting points, the rest of Wiami awaits its definition by the players. This participatory model of urban development ensures that the city is never static. Instead, it is a canvas for collective imagination, where the architecture and infrastructure reflect the diverse contributions of Wilders. High-quality visual elements ensure that the city’s growth is both immersive and visually stunning, setting a new standard for metaverse environments.

This innovative approach to building Wiami underscores Wilder World’s commitment to a metaverse that is not only a space for exploration and adventure but also a platform for creativity and collective endeavor. As players come together to shape the city, Wiami emerges as a testament to the power of community and the potential of decentralized creation, heralding a new era of digital urbanism.

Epic Battles and Strategic Combat: Defending the Digital Frontier

N3o Ready for Battle | Leaks Channel | Wilder World Discord

In Wilder World, the concept of combat transcends traditional gameplay, morphing into epic battles that demand cooperation, strategy, and skill. According to n3o, agents of the shadowy Forum breach the protective Gate of Wiami, pouring into the virtual world in a stark echo of cinematic invasions. This scenario sets the stage for Wilders to band together, defending their digital haven against these incursions in battles reminiscent of reverse raids.

Seeking to innovate beyond the saturated market of extraction shooters, Wilder World introduces a gameplay style that amalgamates driving, combat, and strategy into a cohesive, interactive experience. This flagship content draws inspiration from various game modes but aims to establish a unique combat system that could rival Fortnite’s Battle Royale in its impact and popularity.

While the focus initially leans towards cooperative defense against NPC threats, PvP combat remains on the horizon. Envisioning arenas where players can test their mettle in 1v1 races or combat, n3o hints at a future where competitive gameplay flourishes alongside collaborative efforts. This diversified approach allows players to engage with Wilder World in a manner that suits their preferences, whether speeding through the streets of Wiami or clashing in gladiatorial combat.

The ultimate challenge lies in integrating these disparate gameplay elements—racing and combat—into a seamless open-world experience. This strategy involves perfecting each mode in isolation before weaving them together, crafting a multifaceted world where every player action contributes to the collective narrative.

Frank adds a layer of depth to this vision by reflecting on the narrative foundation of Wilder World. Unlike linear storytelling typical of traditional media, Wilder World’s lore is designed to be cross-fictional, blending elements of the fantastical with the tangible. This approach, inspired by the procedural design and narratives like Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, emphasizes the creation of an immersive experience over a straightforward storyline.

In Wilder World, distress calls and breaches serve not just as plot devices but as catalysts for player action, inviting Wilders to partake in a narrative that is ever-evolving and uniquely their own. Each venture into Wiami is a personal journey, shaped by the actions, decisions, and interactions of every individual who crosses the threshold into this digital realm.

Revolutionizing Digital Commerce: A Seamless Integration

New Avatar Accessories | Leaks Channel | Wilder World Discord

In the heart of Wilder World lies a commerce system that will eventually redefine the boundaries between creation, customization, and transaction. Imagine stepping into the avatar creator, spotting a stylish hat or a trendy shirt, and with just a few clicks, making it yours. This vision brings the ease of shopping on platforms like OpenSea directly into the game environment, allowing for an immersive shopping experience that feels as natural as trying on clothes in the real world.

At the core of this commerce revolution is a shared liquidity engine, a sophisticated system designed to connect all aspects of the Wilder World economy. Whether it’s fashion for your avatar or materials for building, market orders seamlessly match liquidity across the ecosystem. This means no more navigating away to external marketplaces; everything you need is right at your fingertips, within the context of your current experience.

Envision discovering a Boost Wearables hat sold by a fellow player. In Wilder World, you can try it on virtually, decide it’s exactly your style, and purchase it on the spot. The transaction completes within the game, directly benefiting the seller, with a portion of the proceeds supporting the broader Wilder World and Meowchain ecosystems. This method not only fosters a sense of community but also underpins the game’s economy with real value and utility.

Boost Wearables

What n3o describes transcends a mere strategy; it’s a blueprint for the future of NFTs and digital marketplaces. This commerce system allows for discovery and purchase in the moment—whether it’s clothing for avatars, car customizations, or building materials. Imagine needing to visit a specific garage for unique car parts or a particular store for exclusive items. This level of detail adds layers of realism and immersion, mirroring the complexities of real-world shopping and trading.

Wilder World’s commerce will not just be about transactions; it’s about integrating these experiences into the very fabric of the virtual world. Customizers for avatars, vehicles, and buildings are just the beginning. The open world itself becomes a marketplace, where the physical journey to a store or garage adds another layer of engagement, blending the act of creation with the thrill of exploration.

Concluding Thoughts

Hearing directly from Frank and N3o has been nothing short of inspiring, offering a rare glimpse into the passionate vision behind Wilder World and Zero. Their conversation not only illuminated the depth of innovation and creativity fueling the project but also the boundless potential that lies ahead. As we look to the future, it’s clear that Wilder World and Zero are on the cusp of defining the next era of the metaverse—a journey that promises to be as epic as the minds that dream it. The road ahead is filled with possibilities, and the anticipation for what’s to come has never been more exhilarating.

Frank and N30 Shake Hands | Leaks Channel | Wilder World Discord