A Major Shakeup

In the intricate tapestry of the gaming industry, each thread represents the myriad professionals whose creativity and innovation drive this dynamic sector forward. Among these, certain individuals stand out for their exceptional contributions, carving paths that leave indelible marks on both the games they touch and the community they influence. Dennis Crow is one such figure. Known for his visionary work and influential presence, Crow’s recent departure from Wilder World represents not just a significant transition within this one studio but also a moment of reflection on the nature of change and evolution in the gaming world.

As news of Dennis Crow‘s departure from Wilder World has reverberated through the community, it brings to the forefront discussions about the future of the project. Crow, whose career began at the youthful age of 21, has been a guiding force in shaping some of the most significant and beloved games in recent history. His journey through renowned companies such as UbisoftRockstar, and Blizzard has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence through making games as fun as possible.

At Wilder WorldDennis Crow brought this same transformative energy. His tenure at the company was marked by a deep commitment to refining gameplay mechanics and narratives, culminating in the success of “Midnight in Wiami,” a project that benefited from his leadership and creative vision. However, the Web3 gaming industry, much like the virtual worlds it creates, is perpetually in motion, evolving and adapting to new trends, technologies, and player expectations. Crow’s departure is a reflection of this constant state of flux, a reminder that change is often the precursor to new forms of creativity and growth.

The announcement of his departure, made by n3o, underscores the significance of this transition. It’s a decision that speaks volumes about the strategic direction Wilder World is taking – shifting towards a more agile, startup-focused model that promises to redefine their approach to game development. This change heralds a new era for Wilder World, one that is poised to leverage the unique talents of its revamped leadership team and to embark on an ambitious journey towards uncharted territories in the gaming landscape.

As we delve into the details of Dennis Crow’s departure, the new structural changes at Wilder World, and the implications for the future, it’s important to remember that such moments of transition are more than just corporate maneuvers. They are the turning points that shape the future of gaming, moments where the collective expertise and vision of industry veterans like Dennis Crow pave the way for the next generation of gaming innovations.

The Official Announcement from N3o

Known for his insightful and forward-thinking approach, n3o‘s words were not just a farewell to a respected colleague but also a blueprint for the future direction of Wilder World.

Here is the full statement from n3o:


I wanted to personally inform you that we have made the decision to part ways with Dennis Crow as Head Producer. This was an extremely difficult decision to make, but ultimately I know is the right decision for Wilder World.

The primary rationale was to create a more distributed and startup focused game studio structure. The decision was made by Frank, myself, and the core team, after thoughtful deliberation on how we can continually elevate pace, production, and quality at this stage and trajectory. We realized that cultivating a direct reporting structure with Frank, myself, and the core game directors would improve our collaboration, execution and ensure we deliver the Wilder World we know is possible.

Dennis will remain a friend of the project, and we want to thank him for his many contributions in helping get Wilder World, and in particular Midnight in Wiami, to where it is today.

These actions are recent and we wanted to let you know quickly. Our plans for 2024 are audacious, and we feel this decision increases our probability of achieving our objectives this year.

Thank you for being with us on this journey and trusting the process.



N3o‘s statement reflects not only the respect and gratitude towards Dennis Crow‘s contributions but also underscores the strategic decisions driving Wilder World‘s future. It speaks to the heart of what it means to adapt and evolve in an industry that is as much about technological innovation as it is about creative storytelling and community building.

The New Team Structure

Following the impactful announcement of Dennis Crow’s departure, n3o further elaborated on the structural changes within Wilder World, emphasizing the continuity and strength of the existing team while highlighting the new direction the studio is taking. This clarification is crucial in understanding both the role Dennis played and the future trajectory of the company.

N3o‘s additional comments offer insights into the strategic shift:

Dennis was primarily playing a production role. I.e., we have a very experienced team making the key decisions and building the game. That has not changed.

The new structure is:

  • Director of Production: Heavy Wilder (Previously Apple)
  • Director of Wheels: New hire (Not announced yet, but top person in racing industry)
  • Director of Concepts: Brandon Gobey (Previously worked on Dune, Blade Runner, Matrix, etc.)
  • Director of Avatars: Jon Riley (Previously worked on Marvel, Witcher, Disney, etc.)
  • Director of Technology: Aram (Has been core technical lead from beginning, extreme talent)
  • Director of Procedural: Ekim (Previously at Nike, masters in architecture)

This team will now report directly to Frank and I.

In general, I would say the way we are building Wilder World is somewhat incompatible with how games were built previously. The tech stack has changed, and we are innovating here.

This is the structure the team wanted, and it makes sense.”

This detailed breakdown from n3o reveals a deliberate and strategic restructuring aimed at harnessing the unique talents and experiences of each team member. It’s a clear move towards a more integrated and direct leadership model, aligning with the studio’s innovative vision. The emphasis on having a team that directly reports to the founders signifies a hands-on approach in guiding the studio’s future projects.

The new roles and their holders paint a picture of a diversified and highly skilled team. From Heavy Wilder‘s experience at Apple to Brandon Gobey‘s creative input in blockbuster movies like “Dune” and “Blade Runner,” each member brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the table. The inclusion of top talents from varied industries, such as racing and architecture, underlines Wilder World‘s commitment to pushing the boundaries of game development.

N3o‘s mention of the changing tech stack and the studio’s innovative approach indicates a shift from conventional game development methods. This forward-thinking strategy not only prepares Wilder World for future technological advancements but also aligns with the evolving expectations of the Web3 gaming community.

As Wilder World navigates these changes, the anticipation within the Wilder nation grows. The community is keen to see how this blend of talent, technology, and new leadership dynamics will manifest in the studio’s upcoming projects and how it will shape the future of Wilder World experiences.

Moving Forward

The departure of Dennis Crow from Wilder World and the studio’s subsequent restructuring mark a significant moment of transition. These changes reflect the dynamic nature of the gaming industry, where innovation and adaptability are key. As Crow ventures into new opportunities, his legacy at Wilder World remains a testament to his impact on the project’s first playable experience.

Wilder World, under its new leadership structure, is poised to chart a fresh course. The diverse expertise of its team promises to bring novel ideas and technologies to the forefront, sure to reshape the gaming experience. This period of transformation is not just a new chapter for the studio but a reflection of the evolving landscape of gaming itself through the lens of Web3.

In this ever-changing industry, Wilder World’s latest moves and Dennis Crow‘s future endeavors are watched with anticipation, symbolizing the continuous drive for creativity and advancement in the world of gaming and the metaverse it will live within.