About the wiami times

genesis news in the genesis city


What do we stand for?

The Wiami Times will be a local Wiami news outlet that’s based on integrity, community, accuracy and of course… fun!

What is our mission?

The mission of the Wiami Times is to be the go-to place for all the happenings within the inaugural city of Wilder World. We hope to spotlight amazing Wilders and Team members as well. We will have Wilders on the ground once the game launches to interview politicians, cover events, or warn Wilders of criminal activity.

Where are we heading?

The Wiami Times goes where Wilder World goes. We hope to share important information for Wilders and speculate on what we might see in Wiami up until launch. Once Wiami goes live we will cover the metaverse from within from every angle we possibly can.

Who Runs The Organization?

The goal is to get the community engaged and have them run the Wiami Times. Just like Wilder World, we aim to let any community member participate or implement creative ideas into the organization.